Garden with teak dining furniture

Why You’ll Love Teak Furniture

Teak furniture makes a beautiful addition to any home. It’s got a reputation for being some of the highest quality décor you can buy. Teak furniture is durable, stylish and has a number of unique properties that make it great for use outdoors. It’s a very popular wood that is heavily favoured by designers throughout the world, and we think you’ll love it too.


Quality teak furniture is made from hard wood which is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures thanks to its unique qualities. The wood produced natural oils with help to prevent it from rotting in the way that many other timbers might. This means you can often expect teak furniture to last a lifetime (sometimes more). It’s not uncommon to see it passed down through multiple generations.

It’s beautiful

One of the things that make teak furniture great it the beautiful colour of the timber. When it’s new it’s a rich, honey colour which will later turn into a beautiful silver grey. It’s very elegant and looks wonderful at every stay. If you want to return your pieces to their original golden colour then all you need to do is oil them.

It’s adaptable

Outdoor patio with teak furniture

Teak furniture can be used in a variety of setting. From living room spaces to outdoor patios because it holds up well in all conditions. Even outside in the snow your items will look good. This wood is so durable that you won’t have to worry about it splintering in the same way that you would with other timbers. The great thing about this wood is that it’s naturally resistant to pests like termites that usually pose a risk to outdoor items.

It’s a good investment

One of the best reasons to consider teak furniture is that it is a very good investment. The long-lasting nature of teak means that you can expect it to look great year after year. Whilst it can be quite an investment initially, you will undoubtedly reap the benefits for many years to come and won’t need to constantly replace your items.

What to keep in mind?

Teakwood is rare so it commands a high price. Set a realistic budget when you go shopping for new items. If you come across items that seem too good to be true or are a lot cheaper than you would expect then we suggest you steer clear. Some lesser woods will occasionally be passed off as the real thing, or you might be buying sapwood which doesn’t have a lot of the benefits of the more mature wood. Keep your eye out for things like ‘teakwood oil’ which can be used to try and get you to purchase without actually being the real thing. You should also be careful of comparisons, be wary if something is described as better or stronger than teakwood. If you’re looking for a more affordable option consider looking for reclaimed items. This is when wood that has previously been used for other purposes is recycled for a new use.

Teakwood has a long and storied history and has been used for centuries in ships and buildings. It is the best of the best when it comes to décor pieces. If you’re planning to add a piece to your home then it’s certainly an investment that’s worthwhile considering.

Ready to start shopping for your home? There are lots of designers that sell in-store and online. We recommend doing your homework and speaking to consultants to find out where the timber originated from, if it was sustainably sources and how the items have been constructed. 

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