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Why Defendants Want to Hire The Best Criminal Lawyer in Melbourne

If a defendant believes that they have the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne on their side, then they have confidence that they will reach a positive outcome.

Being charged with a crime is an awful position to be in, but thankfully there are experienced legal practitioners across the city who can deliver where it counts.

We will outline why the quality of these representatives matter and why community members should do everything they can to have a trusted professional on hand for these situations.

Reducing Legal Liability

If there is any reason for defendants to want to have the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne on their side, it is to ensure that they are on hand to reduce their legal liability. It will often begin with the decision to plead guilty, not guilty, no contest or withdrawing a plea. Yet it is the threat of prison time or the loss of civil liberties which is the real concern, seeing charges impact on a defendant’s ability to have a job, to drive a car, to have custody of children among many other aspects of their life.

Assistance With Police Interviews

Citizens who find themselves under scrutiny from law enforcement could be at risk of incriminating themselves, whether they have committed a crime or not. To avoid that scenario and to exercise legal discretion where possible, it is worthwhile hiring the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne that is accessible. They will be able to guide their client through the questioning and detail what can be answered and what is out of bounds, ensuring that this process is managed as well as possible.

Working Through Bail Application Process

Best criminal lawyer in Melbourne

Even if an individual has been charged, there will almost always be an opportunity to apply for bail. The figure is dependent on the severity of the charges but with the assistance of the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne, participants will be able to negotiate this phase far easier. There are strict time limits involved in these situations, so their presence will be badly needed for those who want to be able to reside outside of a law enforcement environment.

Launching a Public Interest Submission

There are certain events where a defendant will be able to seek out the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne they can afford and decide to launch a public interest submission. It is designed to remove all charges on the grounds that it is in the public’s interest to do so. Such a move cannot be made on a whim and has to meet a very strict set of criteria. However, the better the representative in these matters, the easier it will be to identify loopholes of this nature.

Presenting a Strong Legal Case

Defendants need to know that the burden of proof lies with the prosecution, but that should not lead to a complacent approach from the representative. In this regard, they have to present a strong and coherent legal argument while exploiting weaknesses in the opposing counsel. It will be the evidence that the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne accumulates with their team that helps to either prove their client’s innocence or to reduce the severity of the charges.

Reducing Stress & Anxiety

The final component that is in play with hiring the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne is being able to lower the stress and anxiety levels experienced by the defendant. It is an unfortunate position to be in, but by having an experienced and skilled practitioner on their side, members know that they have the right party looking out for their interests. When the mental and emotional strain of the situation begins to overwhelm, that is where further problems emerge, so it is vital that outside intervention is sought after.

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