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Why Buy CBD Oil In Australia?

Cannabidiol or CBD is the compound derived from the notorious marijuana plant and the simplest reason you would buy CBD oil in Australia is because it is now legal. In 2021 CBD oil for medicinal purposes should be available in very low doses over the counter at some agreeable pharmacies. It is now classed as an S3 rather than S4 pharmaceutical, but it is still difficult to find freely available at chemists. This is probably because its new status is not widely known or agreed upon and there is still stigma associated with this apparent wonder drug.

This is the other reason that you might want to try this much-touted liquid, to see if it alleviates the symptoms of a particular ailment or illness you suffer from.

What is CBD Oil Used for in Australia?

CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory product that is reported to have a number of benefits for ailments ranging from anxiety, PTSD and other mental disorders, to stopping nausea caused by cancer treatment, to alleviating symptoms of pain or discomfort. Research has found that the marijuana plant, from which Cannabidiol liquid is derived, was used by ancient Chinese and Indian cultures around 3,000 years before the birth of Christ, for ailments such as menstrual pain and general sickness. Of course, cannabis became popularised for making users who smoked or ate it, experience feelings of ‘bliss’ or a ‘high’ state of mind. This was particularly so in the 1970s and 1980s. Cannabidiol oil though does not make a person feel intoxicated or ‘high’.

Why Won’t CBD Oil Make You Feel Intoxicated?

The reason CBD oil shouldn’t make you feel “high” or intoxicated is that it does not contain large enough amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC is the psychoactive compound found in the marijuana plant that gives a person a feeling of physical and mental pleasure and ecstasy. Cannabidiol oil is reported to have less than 2% of psychoactive cannabinoids and therefore does not have any side effects. Its reputation is based on the fact that it provides all the beneficial anti-inflammatory qualities of the marijuana plant without making the user unnecessarily “high” or mentally deranged.

How Can I Buy CBD Oil in Australia?

Before 2021 in Australia, purchasing CBD liquid required a prescription from a GP or specialist, but the laws have changed, and it is now reported to be available at agreeable pharmacies over the counter. Of course, stronger doses of this pharmaceutical can still be obtained by prescription from your medical clinic, the trouble is convincing your doctor that you need it.

Not all doctors agree with the use of cannabidiol oil and the medical fraternity in Australia still needs to catch up with current scientific research and also advanced legalisation occurring in other countries such as the US and Canada.

With only about 20, 000 or so recorded users of medical cannabis in Australia, as opposed to a reported 36% of Australians having used illegal marijuana in 2019, a lot of legitimate sufferers of pain or mental disorders have turned to underground markets. Anecdotal reports claim that it is easier buying “dope” or “weed” off the street than it is jumping through legal hoops to purchase the CBD oil. Hopefully, this will change soon in Australia, and pharmacists will see the benefits of selling cannabidiol liquid over the counter. It is now after-all an S3 classified pharmaceutical.

CBD Oil and the Start of a New Industry in Australia

The winds of change are upon us there seems to be a world-wide movement for acceptance of cannabis and cannabis related products. The greater ability to legally buy CBD oil in Australia could be the start of a huge new industry as well as signalling a monumental change in societal attitudes.

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