What To Expect From Your Helicopter Tour Of The Grand Canyon Las Vegas

Getting away from all the bright lights and hustle and bustle from the city of sin can be a real treat and there is no better way to experience that than through a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon Las Vegas. Many people take these rides to experience one of the wonders of the world in a totally unique and breathe defying manner. For many international tourists they see these rides and are a bit hesitant to jump on one due to their lack of knowledge.

There are many street vendors that are trying to sell you their services which can be a shock to the system for people who don’t have similar things in their own country. This experience is something you surely don’t want to miss which is why we have developed a short but sweet article about what you can expect from your helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon Las Vegas.


Where are you going?

This point by sound a bit redundant as your destination is in the title of the helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon Las Vegas. However this is one of the wonders of the world which spans over 277 miles. Due to it being so big there are 4 main regions in which you can visit while you are flying around in the sky. More details on those regions are below;

South Rim

The South Rim is the most popular section to visit of this wonder of the world. Whenever you see it referenced in photographs, TV series or film chances are it was from this spot. Because of that fact many locals believe that if you don’t visit the South Rim you haven’t truly experienced the whole thing at all. This little side note means that it is common for thousands of tourists to come to this area, so brace yourself if you are travelling here via land.

West Rim

Second most popular to the South Rim is the West Rim. This area is a hotspot for helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon Las Vegas as there is a landing spot on the base here. You can’t land on the base of the wonder via a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon Las Vegas anywhere else except for the West Rim. This fact along with the skywalk is why many people love to come to this area.

North Rim

The North Rim is a peaceful and serene setting that is perfect for families on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon Las Vegas. The altitude is higher than the other regions which means it can support more wildlife due to lower temperatures. It is common to see families of deer during your time here!

East Rim

The furthest region away from the strip is the East Rim. Just because it is so far away doesn’t mean you should miss out on viewing some of the incredible scenery this area has to offer.


How to get there

Obviously on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon Las Vegas you will be flying to the wonder of the world but technology unfortunately isn’t at the point where you can be picked up out the front of your hotel. However these companies have the next best thing where they can organise shuttles to pick you up and drop you off at your hotel.

If the company you are going with doesn’t have this service, it is very easy and affordable to take a taxi to the 3 airports that these rides commonly depart from.

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