What Clients Can Expect From Divorce Lawyers During Initial Talks

People make a lot of assumptions about how divorce lawyers in Sydney operate and how they go about their work during initial talks.

These consultations are great opportunities to explore legal territory and establish what has happened, who is involved, how long the relationship has lasted and other components that will dictate a separation agreement.

Yet there are participants who will be reserved about what they decide to disclose or believe that the firm is simply out to maximise profits without driving towards outcomes.

We will outline what men and women should expect when they walk through the doors to engage in talks with these professional representatives.

Establishing Client Expectations

It has to be established from the outset what the client hopes to achieve from working with the divorce lawyers in Sydney they are in contact with. From child custody rights to setting out alimony payments or taking control and ownership of a home, of financial accounts, vehicles or items of sentimental value, solicitors want to know what the individual expects from the process. Once these objectives have been communicated, then the next phase of the project can take course.

Client Confidentiality

Although there can be some concerns about what is disclosed with divorce lawyers given the sensitivity of the case, specialists in this sector will outline that they have 100% confidentiality. This empowers participants to speak openly about their thoughts, their feelings and any sensitive details that they might want to keep close to the chest. It is an exercise that helps to build trust but most importantly, it is designed to reach better outcomes because the representative has vital information at hand that can dictate what legal positions they take moving forward.

Flexible Payment Agreement

The financial component is always front of mind for constituents who are thinking about their accounts and how much they might have to pay for divorce lawyers in Sydney. The initial talks are geared towards addressing this subject early in the peace, giving men and women clarity about how much they owe and what they can expect to acquire from a separation agreement of this nature. From an hourly rate to a flat fee or a price that is dictated by the final separation agreement, these early discussions will enlighten members about this matter.

Exploring Multiple Solution Pathways

divorce lawyer in Sydney assisting clients on their separation

If option A or B does not seem palatable for divorce lawyers and their constituents, then they will use these official talks to explore different solutions that could be at hand for options C, D and E. It is often the case for single parents or spouses who want to avoid the courts when they use these discussions to assess mediation sessions. This offers an informal and voluntary environment where couples can move beyond strict legal stipulations and come to the table in good faith. Likewise, there are others who feel as though litigation is their best option when they believe the other side is reaching beyond their boundaries.

Strategic Planning

It is the role of divorce lawyers in Sydney to leave nothing to chance for their clientele. The initial talk period will allow specialists to document the facts of the case and establish a timeline for future events. This will include court dates, mediation sessions, discussions with accountants, therapists, family members and other individuals who play a role with this process and their livelihood behind the scenes. By opening up a dialogue with divorce lawyers, constituents at a local level will be able to have confidence in the process and clarity about their own position without being left in the dark. Even if the discussions feel informal by nature, solicitors will be strategising and planning for the days and weeks to follow.

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