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Tips For Getting The Best Engineering Internships

Searching for engineering internships? Completing work experience can give you a huge head start towards your chosen career and can teach you some valuable skills that you won’t learn at university. If you want to gain some real-world experience then read on below for our top tips on finding engineering internships to suit your needs.

Narrow down your search field

One of the best things you can do when looking for engineering internships is to narrow down your search options. Engineering internships can be time-consuming to apply for an interview for so think carefully about your needs and what you want in a future career before starting your search. Try and tailor your search to find the most optimal work experience opportunities for your planned career. If you have an interest in a particular area or field in the industry then this is a good place to start and will make finding engineering internships much faster. It will also make the experience feel smaller and less stressful. You should also think about what your current skill set is and what you can put on your resume that makes fit with the opportunities you’re looking for; this brings us to our next point.

Think about what employers want

When searching for engineering internships you should think about what companies will be looking for. That includes relevant study and experience but also includes extra-curricular or other things that might make you more attractive to an employer. If you’ve had any leadership experience at a university club, for instance, that may be looked on favourably by employers. You should spend a lot of time thinking about this because engineering internships can often be a foot in the door to the industry. If you want to secure a job then this is the best way to do it. When applying for roles think about the criteria that employers have set out and try to tick all their boxes.

Don’t wait on them to advertise

If you’re looking for a work experience placement then don’t just wait for them to advertise. Even if a company is not actively recruiting interns, they may still be open to providing you with work experience. A lot of major firms have proper schemes and training programs in place but there are also a lot of smaller firms out there that won’t have formal programs but will be more than happy to take on an intern. Reaching out to companies can be a great way to land a work experience opportunity. It just takes landing an email or a call to the right person for you to be remembered and called in for an interview.

Do a lot of research

Before you start applying, it’s a good idea to do plenty of research. This isn’t just research on the industry and what companies in the industry do, but also a lot of research on how companies conduct their interview process and what interns can expect. Get to know the in’s and out of the companies you are applying for and how their programs are run.

Keep in touch with your university

Universities can be a great avenue for finding work experience opportunities, so if you’ve graduated it’s a very good idea to stay in touch. Alumni job boards can be a great way to find new opportunities, as are university job fair days.

Consider searching outside of your area

Engineering internships can offer you a great opportunity to see the world. If you like to travel then think about applying to company’s interstate or overseas.

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