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Things A Desktop Laser Cutter Can Cut

If you are big on DIY projects and like the satisfaction of building something yourself, then you should really consider investing in a desktop laser cutter. Laser cutters aren’t just for big businesses in warehouses or at construction sites anymore. There are so many different uses and types of laser cutters that they now can be used for personal projects.

Many people prefer to use a desktop laser cutter due to the increased level of precision when cutting, as opposed to other cutting techniques, like knife blades. If you are considering purchasing a desktop laser cutter, then it is important you do your research to find out more information.

When it comes to the actual materials the laser cutter can cut, you are in luck because there are so many different types of materials it can cut through. This means that no matter the project you are working on, you can be assured that you have the ability to get a highly precise cut. There are also some materials the desktop laser cutter cannot cut through, but can engrave.

So, have a read on below to find out more about the things that a desktop laser cutter can cut:


If you are working on a project that is dealing with rubber, then it is nice to know that a desktop laser cutter can cut through this material. When it comes to rubber there are usually a lot of different synthetic filers and other material included inside, but this shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to cutting cleanly through this material.


Desktop laser cutter a over a plywood sheet cut and shaped in a heart

This is probably one of the most popular materials those who own laser cutters cut through. This is because there are a lot of projects that involve dealing with wood, and most of the time other methods of cutting just aren’t good enough if you want a quality finished product.

So, no matter what you are building in your project, if it involves wood, you know you are going to get a beautiful finish. A desktop laser cutter is also designed to cut through many different types of wood, so don’t be afraid to try it out when working on your project.


More fashion designers these days are enlisting the assistance of a laser cutter when producing their clothes because of the clean lines they can achieve with this type of cutting method. You may not be a fashion designer, but would like to make your own clothes for something more unique.

A laser cutter can cut through all different types of fabrics, anything from, jeans, lace, cotton or silk, to felt, fleece or even linen. So, no matter what you are thinking of making, you can probably achieve it through using a laser cutter.


A desktop laser cutter should have no problem cutting easily through cardboard as well. There are a lot of different types of cardboard, like corrugated cardboard, but a laser cutter can still cut through it properly, giving you the clean lines you are looking for. Many people love using cardboard for their projects because it is one of the most cost effective materials available.

There are also so many different projects that can be completed through using a great material like cardboard. Cardboard, like wood, is very versatile, and there are so many different possibilities, which means you can be as creative as you like. You don’t need to be held back when it comes to cutting the cardboard either, a desktop laser cutter can assist you to get the smoothest cut possible.

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