Some Common Questions About Using A Chemist Online In Australia

Some Common Questions About Using A Chemist Online In Australia

While convenient and becoming quite the norm for a good majority of Aussies, using a chemist online in Australia still carries some common queries and questions from the users and general public.

It’s quite easy to see why some are hesitant about a chemist online in Australia, after all, only a decade ago the concept of seeing a chemist online in Australia and getting medications and prescriptions filled over the internet would have been laughed out of the room. Those days were a lot more rigid and of a time where security measures, especially data encryption and protection were harder to guarantee and understand completely.

Thanks to advances in cybersecurity, more reliable internet connectivity, and a much more robust supply chain that allows country-wide efficient delivery, the days of using a chemist online in Australia are possible and more convenient than ever.

Today, we’re going to answer some of the more common questions we’ve seen across the net surrounding a chemist online in Australia.

Common Questions Surrounding A Chemist Online In Australia

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Do I Need To Have A Prescription To Order Medications From A Chemist Online In Australia?

Depending on the medication in question you will typically need to have the endorsement and script from a registered and accredited healthcare professional to order. In terms of Pharmacist Only medications that can usually be sold OTC at any typical pharmacy, these will also need an endorsement from a medical professional as ordering them online prohibits the observation of a pharmacist in who is buying them.

For prescription only medications, you will need to have a prescription regardless, whether it is from your current GP or through a trusted and verifiable portal that has accredited medical professionals in their employ.

Do I Need To Go Into A Physical Doctors Office To Get A Prescription?

Not exactly. While any given prescription from a certified GP or healthcare professional is sufficient to have a medication filled, faxing, or emailing them is typically not allowed or legal. This is where the advent of the internet has come to the rescue and allowed the industry to exponentially explode onto the market with the telehealth services being able to put doctors in front of patients digitally.

Prescriptions for certain ailments can be prescribed through these telehealth services which can then allow people to use the chemist online in Australia to send out the medications.  

What Is A ‘Regulation 24’ Script?

If the prescribing physician deems it appropriate for the patient in question, they can write “Regulation 24” next to a given item on a script. Regulation 24 entails that all repeats of a medication can be dispensed on a new prescription. There are some caveats in that repeats cannot be split into different amounts (e.g., 3 now and 4 later etc.), and it can only be done on the first filling of the script, not mid-way into the cycle.

The future is here and now, consider using a chemist online in Australia.


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