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Items That You Shouldn’t Put In A Mobile Skip Bin

Skip bins provide many benefits to those who use them, and there are countless situations where a skip bin could actually be used. More people now than ever are using mobile skip bins to help them remove piles of rubbish they have in their home or office space.

Skip bins help keep the area you are working in clear and safe, as well as this it means you can save time because you don’t need to keep driving to and from the local skip. There are many items that people put into mobile skip bins and they are all collected by the skip bin company and disposed of in the most environmentally sustainable way possible, but there are a few things that should never go into a skip bin.

Have a read on below at some of the dangerous items that you should never put in a skip bin:

Motor Oil

Motor oil should never be put in a skip bin, or even poured down the drain for that matter, because it can cause serious issues of the city’s wastewater treatment process. There are harmful contaminants in motor oil that can impact the quality of water as well as the soil.

This means that motor oil needs to be handled properly when it comes to proper disposal. While you should not put it in a skip bin, there are still a number of different options available when you need to dispose of it. There are many companies that operate within the industry and offer recycling programs to ensure the oil is disposed of properly.

Gas Bottles

Even empty gas bottles present dangers to those who are handling them. Gas bottles can easily explode or start a fire, which can spread very quickly. It is very important that you do not put this in your skip bin as you would be putting a lot of people, including local waste facility workers as well as the rubbish removal workers.

It is always a good idea to purchase gas bottles that can be refilled, so you never have to worry about how to dispose of them properly. The process of getting a gas bottle refilled is much more easier then trying to figure out how to throw out the bottle. If you have a gas bottle that cannot be refilled, search for local household waste recycling centers for more information.


In many states in Australia is it illegal to dispose asbestos in your typical rubbish bin or even in a skip bin, if they don’t accept asbestos. Asbestos can pose a serious threat to the health of the people nearby if it is disturbed or damaged, and it therefore shouldn’t be put into a skip bin.

If you do have asbestos that needs to be removed, you will need to do some information about the local facilities that will actually accept it. You should also consider hiring a professional who is experienced in the removal of asbestos, so they can do so safely and not pose a risk to anyone’s health.


There are many different types of paints, but many of which are classified as hazardous due to the chemicals that are included in them. Therefore paint is something that you shouldn’t be putting in your skip bin, if the bucket still has paint in it, empty (and washed) paint buckets are fine.

For the removal of paint you need to get in contact with local waste facilities that accept this type of material and know how to safely dispose of the liquid. Proper disposal is important so it doesn’t harm the environment, local animals or even other humans.

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