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How Can After-Hours Doctors in Brisbane Help?

While we all hope to never have to go through a medical emergency, it may befall us impromptu. If you get sick during the day, you can just go to any hospital or doctor’s clinic and be sure to find some form of help from them. However, at night, this can get tricky. The doctor you might need might not be on call or the hospital might not be accepting emergency patients at the moment. In order to avoid this nightmarish situation, we have compiled a list of services that a Brisbane after hours doctor offer for you. These 24/7 or late night doctors are usually general practitioners, who can ease your ailment in an emergency, if not cure it specifically. In a life and death situation or when you are in pain, ease is all you need. 

How can they help?

  1. Telehealth services
    Rather than the stereotype of an after-hours doctor showing up at the door late at night, many after-hours providers now provide telehealth as a substitute. During the COVID19 pandemic, this proved to be very successful. They provide online telehealth facilities that do not require patients and physicians to meet in person. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and communicate with the patient through video conferencing. They should not advise emergency patients to contact them and there is only so much a video chat can accomplish. However, whether they are a 24/7 on-demand doctor’s hospital that you can use from the comfort of your own home.
  2. Home visits
    Any Brisbane after hours doctor services send on-call physicians to the home to handle critical medical problems after business hours. Respiratory infections, migraines, gastro, ear infections, fevers, urinary tract infections, and injuries from falls are all normal, acute illnesses that, while not life-threatening, require immediate medical attention. The doctor may determine that the patient needs medicine during the appointment. Any doctor carries a Doctor’s bag with starter packets of different prescriptions so that, if necessary, the patient can begin treatment right away. They don’t handle emergency situations and aren’t a replacement for a doctor.
  3. Licensed physicians
    After-hours providers include both full-time and part-time doctors who are both Australian and foreign qualified and work after-hours shifts to handle a variety of non-life-threatening category 4 or 5 diseases or disorders. This complications can range from mild lacerations and trauma to diseases such as cold and flu symptoms. Most after-hours doctors in Brisbane will be at your home within three hours of your call. 
  4. Cost of the services
    Almost all after-hour doctors charge in bulk via Medicare or Gold DVA card. They do not charge patients out of pocket with Medicare or Gold DIVA cards on hand. This makes their services economical for many. 
  5. Special pediatric doctors
    Some after-hour doctors specifically treat children. They are open during the night and specialize in urgent healthcare for children. They provide care through telehealth services, as well as paying a visit to your house. Since children have some specific needs that are different than adults, it is best to call a pediatric doctor not a general physician if your child is sick.
  6. Timing
    The after-hour night shift starts after the normal day shift has ended at the hospitals. The doctors are available from 6 pm on weekdays, 12 noon on Saturday, all day Sunday, and all day on public holidays

Remember, if you are facing an emergency you should dial 000 and request an ambulance.

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