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Five Benefits Of Self Inking Stamps

If you want or need to leave your mark on things, self inking stamps are a great resource. They offer a whole host of benefits in terms of cleanliness (because let’s be honest, nobody enjoys cleaning up ink) as well as a range of other perks like the ones listed in this article:

Less Mess

The first benefit of self inking stamps that we’d like to highlight is that they greatly reduce the mess involved with creating or marking things using this medium. Where you previously would have needed to use a colour pad, which, let’s be honest, usually results in your fingers matching your work, you can now simply pop the tops of your self-inking stamps as needed and get things done. This is great for efficiency as it completely negates cleaning time and means you don’t have to worry about accidentally redecorating or making other documents dirty.

Improved Consistency 

Another perk of self inking stamps is that they can greatly improve the consistency of your imprints and designs. Having to evenly spread pigment and ensure that you’ve gotten all areas of your design commonly causes issues with other types of products aimed at producing the same results but with self inking stamps, this part of the process is eliminated. Thanks to this you get an even application each and every time making them a clearly superior choice for those who need to maintain a professional image, recreate a repeated design or simply prefer to have things nice and neat.

Better Organisation 

Office worker using a self inking stamps

Ever looked in your drawer (or worse, at your desk) and felt terrible about the state it’s in? The good news is that self inking stamps can be greatly beneficial in this department. Not only are they generally labelled with what they are, therefore making it far easier to find the design you’re looking for, but the lack of pigment pad requirements means things can be stored a lot more efficiently. Plus, they tend to have a more uniform shape than other varieties in many cases so you can stack them or keep them nestled tightly together in a drawer or desk organiser.

Higher Reliability 

Another benefit of self inking stamps is that they offer better reliability. In addition to the consistency perks outlined above, self inking stamps are also far less likely to dry out and are far more portable than their counterparts. This makes them great for those who often travel for business as you don’t need to worry about bringing pigment pads with you everywhere and you’ll be better protected against unfortunate accidents in your luggage. 

Increased Productivity

Finally, because self inking stamps offer an all in one solution, they’re great for increasing your productivity. Not having to mess around with getting set up or cleaning things after use greatly streamlines the top and tail of the process and because you don’t have to dip them every time, they’re far more efficient for those who need to leave their mark on multiple documents or designs in a row. Plus, this perk flows into other areas as you’ll have more time for them.
Whether you’re working an office job and have to mark names, dates or business info on things or run a setup in a design studio and need to quickly and easily add your branding, self inking stamps are the way to go. The benefits prove their superiority and the convenience will have you wondering why you didn’t switch over sooner, so it really is a no brainer. If you want to discover more perks of making use of self inking stamps, design and grab yours today.

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