Event Planning 101: Paella Catering Services in Sydney

Hosting an event in Sydney can be a stressful experience at the best of times.

Whether it is at home in the backyard, within the living room space or when renting a venue at a third party location, there will be a need to feed patrons.

But how can that be achieved on a limited budget – especially if the expected numbers are in the hundreds?

Paella catering services in Sydney offer a grand solution to tick a number of key boxes that clients will be looking for.

This is event planning 101 done right.

Delicious Fresh Produce

The intoxicating aroma brought about by paella catering services in Sydney makes for an enticing prospect. Forget all of that frozen deep-fried produce that is made in bulk because there is a far better alternative at hand. This Spanish delicacy comprises of ingredients obtained right here in the city. From prawns and mussels found at the markets right under the Sydney Harbour to stalls that provide saffron, paprika, rice, chorizo, tomatoes, lemon, onion, chicken, parsley and peppers, this is a mixture that will leave patrons satisfied. It is the type of restaurant-quality food that will take the local event to another level.

Healthy Eating Done Right

If it wasn’t enough to have a delicious option present itself through paella catering services in Sydney, patrons can treat themselves without having to indulge in their calorie count. From vegan options that remove any meat from the equation to standard paella dishes, the health properties for this meal speaks for itself. It is comprised of zinc, iron, vitamin A, selenium and omega 3 fatty acids to support a healthy diet. Event planners hate seeing anyone deny themselves a plate of food because of their dietary behaviours, so this is an option that gives the best of both worlds for local clients.

Versatile Plating Options

serving of paella

The style of cooking with paella catering services in Sydney separates itself from the competition. Like a homemade stir fry dish, this is a method that incorporates large woks as the mixtures of fresh ingredients are thrown into the bowl for texture and taste. This allows hundreds of plates to be served for large gatherings, or for modest attendances with only one large table to be catered to. Paella is one of the most versatile dishes available to Sydney communities, ensuring that all ends of the market are satisfied.

Fast Service

Whether it is for an engagement party, a wedding, a birthday gathering or a celebration of some note, time will be of the essence for event planners in the city. By the time that drinks and finger food have been dispersed amongst the crowd of people, it will be time to sit down and start the meal. Paella catering services in Sydney can turnaround entire tables within the span of 20 minutes in this regard, bypassing many of the complications that other cuisines and delicacies will encounter. It is the speed of service that planners can set their watch to.

Minimal Overheads

Event planners love nothing more than low overheads where the logistics are easy to master. Without the needless back and forth from client to provider while balancing space and transport of materials, the use of paella catering services in Sydney just eases the tension and seamlessly fits into any environment. With a small amount of kitchen space required, chefs are able to deliver a stunning level of service without being a burden with participants. This is not too good to be true because the reviews for quality paella catering services in Sydney speak for themselves.

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