Design Inspiration - Selecting The Right Blockout Curtains For Your Space

Design Inspiration – Selecting The Right Blockout Curtains For Your Space

When deciding what to dress the windows in your room with, blockout curtains are a great choice. There are, however, a few more steps involved in getting the perfect window furnishings.

Finding The Right Fabric

The first thing you’re going to want to do is decide on which fabric you would like your blockout curtains to be finished with. While the interior will most likely be crafted from the same materials no matter what exterior you decide upon, the external finishing for your blockout curtains will impact on the choices you can make further down the line.

Selecting The Correct Length

The next thing on your list will be deciding the length that you would like your blockout curtains to be. Floor length provides a sense of opulence and luxury for your space, while those that fall even with your window sill could be considered more practical. The length that you choose will have a significant impact on the total cost of your budget so it is also important to factor that in at this stage.

Choosing The Right Colour

Blockout curtains space

Now that you know what material and length you would prefer your blockout curtains to be, it’s time to select your colour and/or pattern. We suggest keeping things timeless and neutral here if you’re prone to changing up your design style regularly, but if the theme you’re currently building is one that you intend to stick to for years to come, by all means choose a fancy pattern or bold colour that perfectly matches the vibe you’re creating within your space.

Deciding Whether You Want Thermal Protection

Once you’ve made the above three choices, you’ll have the basics of how your blockout curtains will present locked in. It is therefore time to decide whether you would like an extra layer of thermal protection added in. While blockout curtains are quite good insulators in and of themselves, this extra protection will be beneficial in areas that you would like to keep at a constant temperature. It will also, however, increase your costs so you’ll have to decide whether it is worth enhancing an already strong property.

Selecting Sheers

By now the design of your blockout curtains should be pretty much locked in, so it’s time to turn your attention to the accessories that will complete the look – namely, sheers. While blockout curtains are wonderful for when you want privacy, they’re designed to keep light out, which means that if you want some form of barrier between your home and the outside world while you’re letting light in during the day, you’re going to need sheers. We suggest selecting a translucent white option, possibly with a delicate pattern, to achieve a timeless finish that will match neatly any design scheme.

Adding The Finishing Touches

Finally, it’s time to add the finishing touches to your window dressings. These include the rings and rod that your blockout curtains will hang from as well as any ties you may use to achieve a more elegant and traditional look while they’re open. Because these options are fairly easy to switch up on a whim, feel free to go all out and align them with the rest of your interior design. We love a good ornate finish but streamlined can look great too and a little glitz in this aspect never hurt anyone (as long as it matches the rest of your room of course).

Hopefully this buying guide helps you with planning out your design. The right blockout curtains are the perfect finishing touch to your space and we wish you the best of luck in finding the right ones for you.

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