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Corporate Team Building Activities To Try

Fun corporate team building exercises are vital to the success of your company. Your company’s competitive edge comes from the strong personal relationships developed among team members. 

The main goal of corporate team building activities is all about getting your team to cooperate and get together. There’s a direct correlation between the strength of your team’s personal relationships and the intensity of their commitment. 

The closer your team are to their co-workers, the happier you will be at work, and the more likely they are to work well together. If you’re looking for corporate team building activities to try that your team won’t roll their eyes at, then read on below. 

Murder Mystery Game 

An excellent method to build team spirit is by solving a murder mystery together. If you’re looking to improve teamwork, communication, and culture in the office, check out Virtual Clue Murder Mystery. 

Shark Tank

Coming up with new concepts is a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a way to get your team thinking creatively, then we’d suggest getting them all to pitch their best ideas in a workplace version of shark tank. This is one of our favourite corporate team building activities for getting people to work together. It’s a lot of fun and also a great way for people to show leadership. 

Scavenger Hunt 

Scavenger hunts have the power to capture anyone’s interest. Humans can’t resist the rush of the pursuit. Follow breadcrumb trails of mini-mysteries as you make your way to the final goal by hunting down clues and finding hidden treasures. The scavenger hunt’s intensity and mystery also encourage people to work together in record speed. Collaboration, critical thinking, and decision making are some of the skills that this work activity cultivates. 

The Werewolf 

Werewolves and townfolk form two separate teams to play this game. Fight until one side or the other reaches an even number of werewolves. The abilities that this work teaches: The ability to think creatively, solve problems, and build trust. Despite the exciting and scary theme, this game requires a lot of strategy, thinking, and even a little trickery – making it a surefire hit with kids of all ages. You’ll discover new things about your teams and, perhaps, yourself. Among other things, you’ll discover who can’t stop laughing and who’s a bad liar. 


Taboo is a fun and easy-to-learn team-building game. Using this online, mobile-friendly platform, players will try to guess the word at the top of each card without using any of the associated Taboo words. 

There will be 2 teams in each game room, each with 2 to 5 players. Have fun, use your brain, and avoid using any of the forbidden terms! This way, the other team will be able to have a good laugh and ensure that no one is cheating while you and your team are speculating. 

Communication and critical thinking are two skills that are honed during this work activity. 

Corporate team building activities for large groups

When planning a team building activity for a large group, make sure there is enough structure and intrigue to keep everyone interested and actively participating. Creating strong ties inside and across teams is made easier when there is a common purpose for everyone to work towards. Great team building activities for larger teams include things like team sports, tug-o-war and scavenger hunts. Trivia nights are also a great idea for larger groups and are a great way to get the competitive spirit going amongst your team, whilst also encouraging cooperation. 

Corporate team building activities are an excellent way to motivate a workforce and get them working together. 

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