Woman smoking in a glass pipe made in Australia

A Newbies Guide To Glass Pipes In Australia

Glass pipes in Australia are a great way to enjoy your favourite smoking herbs/tobacco on the go. They offer a diverse range of features and designs, affording you with plenty of choices for personal preference.

There are plastic, metal, or acrylic glass pipes in Australia that use these materials to craft pieces into all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours. Below is an overview of some glass pipes in Australia that have captured the competition and become a normal way of being.

Different Sizes/Shapes

The one thing most people notice off the bat is that there are several different designs and sizes that are beneficial for different types of smokers.

There are glass pipes in Australia that come as portable, singular piece, or bongs for those who enjoy the bigger and more robust smoking experience. There are also glass pipes in Australia for well under 100 dollars which can be used to smoke on the go. They offer convenience with how easy they are to use and take care of during your travels.

The curvature of the stem is more of an aesthetic choice, however, some glass pipes in Australia utilise the different shaped necks to add small snippets for adding ice or other cooling materials that calm and cool the harshness of the smoke as it is used. There are also some who believe the shape of the breathing apparatus makes an impact on the experience, while there is no scientific evidence to support one way or the other, it will usually come down to personal preference.

Different Materials

There’s no way around it, glass pipes in Australia are popular because the material offers excellent durability compared to acrylic or metal materials since it doesn’t break down easily unless exposed to extreme heat conditions.

Many smokers prefer glass pipes in Australia because of its unique ability not only act as a tool for smoking but looks great too. It makes your life easier when looking at all the different types of lighting effects that come through the natural material, and when cleaned properly, it will sparkle in a way that would make anyone proud to display it.

It is the perfect balance between durability, heating resistance and price. In fact, it has a long-life expectancy since there are virtually no moving parts that would need maintenance or replacement within this particular type of smoking apparatus.

The problem with the alternatives like the acrylic and metal builds is that they not only get hot easily, but also tend to break down over time due its fragile material and cheaper builds. While some will claim that the acrylic or metal ones don’t shatter as easily, but any real enthusiast will tell you that anything can break given the right circumstance, and those who care for their glass pipes in Australia will typically not have this issue.

Choosing the Right One

Choosing the right glass pipes in Australia is half the battle, and while that statement doesn’t apply to all of them, it is important to choose glass pipes in Australia with regard for the type of smoking you do.

The first step is choosing between straight portable apparatuses or more home-based bongs. Smaller pieces are typically more portable than bongs because they have fewer components, but most importantly they don’t require as much water which makes them easier to clean and maintain.

Oftentimes it comes down to trial and error, some prefer the grips to be different, others want a wider mouthpiece or loading chamber. There are so many ways to enjoy your smoke so experiment and find the one that is right for you. 

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