Reasons why Cannabis won’t be legalized in the U.S

The movement to make cannabis legal is becoming a powerful movement involving large crowds in favor of the act. Despite its public strength in favor of legalizing it for medicinal purposes, lawmakers still emphasize the law that it is a drug and is grouped under Schedule 1 drug, which entails extreme other drugs like heroin, LSD, and cocaine highly susceptible to abuse.

Here are a few reasons why lawmakers find it challenging to legalize this drug and make it available to the public.

Adolescent access to it

The lawmakers at Capitol Hill are concerned that legalizing cannabis would open the door of drugs to the young minds of teenagers and making them prone to substance abuse that could lead to further addiction problems.

Mixed clinical data

Cannabis infused medicines like Epidiolex manufactured by pharmaceuticals giant GW Pharmaceuticals have shown benefits regarding its medicinal benefits. It helps reduce seizures significantly in patients.

On the other hand on a recent research paper published, it stated that heavy use of cannabis at tender ages from 16- 25 could have serious issues regarding memory retention. MRI scans showed odd shaped hippocampus in the brain which constitutes to poor memory storage ability.

Driving under the influence of cannabis

Unlike alcohol breathalyzers which determine whether you are intoxicated or not and set a BAC limit of 0.08 help police officers to do their duties. With marijuana, there is no specific limit or device published to analyze someone who is affected by the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) the active psychoactive component that gives the high and influence.

Politician’s don’t have the time

Congress doesn’t have any room for a rather insensitive and irrelevant topic such as reforming and legalizing cannabis among their busy schedule of debating and legislation of critical laws that affect the whole of its citizens for their betterment.

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