Obesity: A rising epidemic

America has seen an abnormal amount of cases registered with health concerns regarding obesity. Through various investigations, it is found that the in every three persons residing in the United States suffer from obesity and its consequences.

Unhealthy foods consisting of various unhealthy fats and other harmful ingredients available in large portions have seemed to become a favorite among its citizens. Being physically inactive adds it the concern giving rapid rise to obesity and excessive weight problems in adults.

In a study conducted by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), it has been observed that in recent trends, obesity is no longer applicable to the adult population, but the minor and underage population as well.

Today, young kids who binge on such junk and unhealthy food share the same consequences and hazards of a healthy life similar to an excessive fat adult. Around seventeen percent of the kids, today are diagnosed as critically obese. The figure drawn is almost three times as it was a couple of years ago.

So what are the said consequences and hazards of obesity discussed in adults? Doctors and experts in the healthcare have found a direct link between diseases related to the heart, increased level of blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, type two diabetes, increased risks of suffering strokes, liver and gallbladder pertaining illnesses, presence of arthritis, sleep apnea and respiratory-related diseases, unusual menstrual cycles found in females and formation of certain cancers.

In kids, however, it is somewhat moreover the same. Kids are susceptible to the risk of coronary and heart-related risks owing to increased levels of cholesterol and high amounts of blood pressure. Sleep is an essential factor for growth at such a tender age, but sleep can be disrupted by obesity as well. Sleep apnea and asthma are commonly registered, type two diabetes is found because of increased insulin pumped in the body, liver damages and joint muscle problems are observed.

Apart from the physical challenges they face, they will meet other emotional battles as well. Damaged self-esteem and discrimination from others are to be addressed.


In the year 2000, over 112,000 cases of obesity-related deaths were recorded. Today it is likely that the number of deaths would have increased. Obesity is an epidemic that is to be addressed as a national emergency by the authorities as it not only affects the adults but the adolescent population as well. Obesity diagnosed patients are less likely to live a healthy and long life as compared to the mortality of an average person.

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