5 Reasons to Use Kwikstage Scaffolds for Your Projects

The Kwikstage scaffold system is a simple and easy-to-use revetment method that has been universally accepted. The important qualities that make it stand out are its breakneck setup speed and versatility.

It is, however, also synonymous with adaptability, safety, and quality. This makes it practically valuable for an enormous range of construction projects. The term Kwikstage is derived from the words quick and stage. They have been used to express their simplicity and rapid erection rate.

Quick stage qualities make it easy to save time, money, and labour, making it suitable for numerous builds. Even though they are mainly used in residential and commercial projects, they have also been used to build other temporary structures.

Types of kwikstage scaffolds

There are two major types of Quick stage scaffolding systems based on the materials used in making them: the aluminium quick stage scaffold and the steel quick stage scaffold.

The primary difference they have is their respective weights. Steel structures weigh about one-third more than aluminium structures.

Why quick stage is best for your project

Here are five reasons you should consider quick stage scaffolds for your project:

Fast and easy setup:

You can quickly assemble Kwikstage scaffold systems compared to other revetments. That requires less work, less time, and saves labour costs.

There is an ease and simplicity to the erection. A horizontal scaffold can be very easily attached to a row of vertical ones. 

This feature makes it easy to connect the scaffolds.

Flexibility and Versatility:

Quick stage scaffold has a wide range of flexibility. Its system is set up to accommodate the shape and form of a building.

You can put this flexibility to further use by adding some simple extra components to the framework.

On the other hand, the versatility of kwikstage stems from the various surfaces you can use it on. The system can work seamlessly on anything from a mining construction site to a filming set.

Enhances productivity:

Kwikstage scaffolds increase the productivity of a project as it saves time and cost. That is coupled with its strength allowing it to carry numerous workers at once. 

All of the good qualities that quick stage possesses serve to improve the construction’s yield.

Exceptional quality:

The integrity of quick stage frames is impeccable. They are made to a particular specification based on industry standards. These specifications are used as guides to maintain a parallel among manufacturing companies.

Kwikstage scaffolds can carry a combined weight of about six hundred and seventy-five kilograms per bay. They can also be constructed comfortably to heights of about forty-five meters.

Durability and Maintenance 

Kwikstage is also appraised for its durability and longevity. The scaffolding has the capability of lasting for about ten years.

Quick stage are usually hot-dip galvanized (HDG) to prevent rust. That also makes their maintenance more manageable. 

When purchasing, make sure the scaffolds meet industry standards and specifications. It would help if you considered this alongside proper usage procedures. Applying these two factors when using Kwikstage scaffolds will help deliver your desired project seamlessly.

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